Popular Spots for Luxury European River Cruises

Europe is a popular location to host river cruises. There are many rivers that zigzag through mountains, canyons, oceans and other natural sites. Cruise passengers see views of the mountains and rivers that cannot be seen anywhere else. Many people have chosen luxury European river cruises as part of their European vacation packages. As a vacationer, learn about a handful of the world’s rivers that cause people to take cruises.

England’s River Thames

As one of the most famous rivers in the world, the River Thames is a historic feature that attracts tourists all over the world. The river travels through the city of London and winds over to the English countryside.

The river also moves past the towns of Reading and Oxford. A variety of activities, such as rowing and boat races, take place in this waterway. You will find many of London’s famous buildings and monuments along the way, such as statues and cathedrals.

Italy’s Po River

Po River is the longest river in Italy and one of the most famous attractions in the world. Some intellectual minds have crossed paths with the river, such as Da Vinci and Vivaldi.

On the river cruise, the passengers learn more about Italian culture and history. They learn more about the artwork and food that have contributed to Italy’s popularity all over the world. Many cruises pass by Venice, another historical city in Italy that is the birthplace of Vivaldi.

Paris’s Seine River

Luxury European river cruises include the Seine River in Paris. This cruise passes by all of Paris famous buildings and monuments. This cruise is favored by many people in a city that is considered the most romantic and famous in the world.

Ease of transport and flexibility are a few reasons why river cruises are so well liked in Europe. The cruise gives you the option of visiting Paris without any walking. From the start to the end of the journey, you see all of Paris’s main assets. Dozens of bridges appear on this river, including the famous the Pont Louis-Philippe. Many artists, including Claude Monet, have painted the Seine River. At night, visitors can see the bright lights of the city, including the Eiffel Tower.
There are options for anyone who does not want to settle down for a week long ocean cruise. The next option is to take a cruise on a historic river. The ride is brief, so passengers can step off the cruise and continue with the rest of the day’s activities. There are many rivers in the world, but only a few qualify to host luxury cruises. These river cruises are popular tourist attractions and allow you to see the city in a different way. To know more about luxury european river cruises contact Great Escapes Travel. You can also follow them on Google+ for more details.

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