When To Hire a Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY

According to statistics, construction accidents continue to be number one of the job-related deaths that happen in the country. In fact every year, thousands are seriously injured or killed in the construction accidents. Even though many precaution measures have been put in place to protect workers in the construction sites, the number of accidents that occur every year shows an upward trend. If you or your loved one has been injured in the place of work, whether it was their faults or not, you should seek legal help from a Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY.

Most of the high constructions accidents that are fatal happen due to the carelessness or negligence of the workers. For instance, hastily constructed scaffolding or cranes that have been braced improperly can lead to falls from high places. Even with OSHA policies in place that protect the workers in New York, the economic pressure to get buildings up faster is making the matters even worse.

As a result, construction accident lawyers are now handling more and more devastating cases emerging from the on-site accidents. Some of the accidents include the following:

1. Burns
2. Falls
3. Spinal injuries
4. Amputations
5. Blindness and head injuries
6. Asphyxiation due to faulty ventilation

The above mentioned accidents can put the victim out of work, either for some time or permanently. Some victims face a lifetime regime of medication or months of rehabilitation, and during this time, their dependents are without their financial help that they used to get.

The general contractor and his subcontractors should ensure the safety of their workers by maintaining a workplace free of potential hazards as possible. They should also monitor every on-site work situation and ensure that is not likely to cause accidents. However, most are times when contractors neglect their responsibility and expose their workers to health risks.

If you have been injured at the construction work and it was not your fault but it was either due to negligent supervision by the subcontractor, a badly maintained machine or other equipment for work, you can file a compensation claim. All you need to do is to hire a competent Construction Accident Attorney in Brooklyn NY. Attorneys from The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel are dedicated to getting results for your case.

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