Understanding Divorce Laws And Starting A Rewarding Career

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Law Schools

Family law attorneys help couples who wish to become divorced and individuals who wish to acquire custody of their children. These proceedings require clear understanding of local laws and requirements. In these cases, the attorney must help the couple come to an agreement that is amicable for them both. If you wish to become a family law attorney, you should review Law Schools In Orange County for further requirements and educational programs.

Understanding Divorce Laws

With a rise in domestic violence, it is urgent for the attorney to familiarize themselves with laws that are applicable to these occurrences. In divorce proceedings, this could require their client to acquire an order of protection through the court. These documents prohibit their spouse from participating in activities that put them or their children at risk. This could include visiting them at their home or work.

In most cases, the order includes terms that are associated with alcohol or drug use. These conditions often lead to violent behaviors in which a spouse is injured through some form of abuse. For this reason, the attorney should assist them at any time that their spouse violates this order.

Child Custody Assignment

In divorce proceedings, a judge determines which spouse acquires custody of the child. The circumstances surrounding the petition could warrant sole custody. In cases where abuse is clear, the attorney must fight to protect their client and their children from further occurrences. This is why advance knowledge of abuse and domestic violence laws is necessary.

If the client had an order of protection, the attorney could present evidence of any violations committed by the other spouse. This provides leverage in these cases. A clear arrest record that shows this violation could work against the dangerous parent and protect the rights of the child. In these cases, it is likely that supervised visitation is ordered.

By becoming a family law attorney, you will manage cases pertaining to divorce and child custody. You will also help families to seek assistance when counseling is vital to saving a marriage as well. If you wish to learn more about these educational programs, you should contact Law Schools In Orange County or Visit Pacific Coast University directly.

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