Reasons Hiring a Probation Violation Attorney in San Diego Cai is Crucial

When you have been placed under probation as a result of certain charges, you are supposed to do your best and fulfill all the conditions that the judge attached to your probation. Violating probation will land you in more trouble with the law especially if you have had another probation violation or if the crime was serious. The probation violation sentence ranges from a light fine, extended probation or additional jail time. In case you find yourself in a situation where you have violated probation, you will need to hire a Probation Violation Attorney in San Diego CA to help you with the case.

How probation violation occurs

Here are the circumstances that lead to a violation of probation:

1. Failing to appear in court for a scheduled court appearance at a given date and time.
2. Failing to report to the supervising probation officer at the set date and time.
3. Going to places that you are not allowed to by the probation officer. This includes visiting certain people and traveling out of state.
4. Possession and use of illegal drugs, and committing additional crimes and offenses.
5. When you are arrested for another offense whether it is considered a crime or not.

The probation lawyer is important because they will help you way the options available to you as a defense and form a strong case to defend yourself.

The benefits of having a lawyer present

The lawyer will help you and make sure that your rights are not violated when the probation hearing and sentencing is being carried out. They will ensure that:

1. You have received written notice of the claimed violations.
2. That the judge hearing the case is neutral and objective in his judgment.
3. That you have a chance to argue out your case and give justification for your violation.

The lawyer will do their best to make sure that you do not get a very heavy sentence for probation violation. In case the violation has to be punished, they will try and get you something lighter than a jail term. They could get you a fine or community service. If you have a probation violation case, go to the Law Offices of Thomas P. Matthews. They will hear your case and help you get a fair hearing.

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