What’s In a Rim – Shopping For Custom 26 Inch Rims and Other Rim Sizes

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Automotive

While owning a luxury car is a lot of work, it’s proud work for car enthusiasts, especially since putting a lot of work into a car results in a vehicle they can be proud to own.

Perhaps that’s why rims are so popular among the car crowd. Custom 26 inch rims, custom complementary rim designs, custom anything to do with rims—if it involves rims, savvy car enthusiasts will be right there to complement and probably follow the example for themselves.

So, it’s no wonder rims are popular in that respect. Rims are highly customizable and, to the savviest, an inexpensive way to do customization work without spending too much money. That reason alone is why a lot of luxury car owners start customizing their rims when they want to custom a part of their car.

Custom Rim Types

Shopping for custom rims reveals an interesting truth: there are a lot of different custom rims on the market. And, interestingly enough, there are enough styles to suit the tastes of any buyer.

The two most common rims on the market today are aluminum and chrome. From 26 inch rims to a much smaller size, most rims in any size will either be chrome or aluminum.

Chrome Rims

Chrome rims are, arguable, the most popular. Most people who refer to custom wheels as ‘rims’ are, in fact, talking about chrome rims.

Chrome rims are popular for a reason: their shimmering, stylish looks. Since they’re made from lighter material, they also don’t compromise a driver’s performance on the road.

They’re very similar to alloy wheels in that regard and complement them nicely. Chrome rims, however, are a bit more expensive, especially if matching them with chrome wheels. They also need more upkeep than alloy wheels.

Aluminum Rims

Aluminum rims are the most common found on vehicles today. Due to how diverse aluminum is as a material, various types of these particular rims exist, including gravity cast, low-pressure cast, spin-cast, single piece, multi-piece, cast and forged.

It’s simple to find a high quality aluminum rim, but it’s a good idea to ask around about what would constitute the best quality. It’s also advisable to get matching wheels to go along with the rims.

Buying Custom Rims

Rims, contrary to popular belief, don’t consist of the entirety of the wheel’s metal parts.

It’s the outer edge of the wheel that directly attaches to the tire. The rim and the wheel spokes produce much of the wheel’s metal parts. When shopping for custom rims, it’s important to shop for that specific part: the outer part of the wheel that’s easily viewable on the exterior of the car.

Many people use the term ‘rim’ to refer to custom wheels. This is especially true on the aftermarket, where many custom rims are sold with custom wheels. In fact, people who want to get custom 26 inch rims should expect to get custom wheels along with their rims, mainly due to ensuring both parts are compatible with each other.

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