Keep Your Wheels Rolling With Transmission Repair in Montgomery TX

The transmission in your car or truck is one of its most complex components. An automatic transmission can have hundreds of moving parts and each one is crucial for proper performance. The automatic transmission in your vehicle is a hydraulically powered device which is filled with channels that carry pressurized fluid. The fluid is used to control a series of internal clutches and gears that regulate how fast the vehicle can go and how it pulls a load. Early versions of the automatic shifting transmission were designed as luxury devices, but it soon became apparent that many drivers either preferred this system or simply never learned how to drive a standard shift transmission.

One of the most common problems with automatic transmissions is internal clutch wear. The clutches can wear out from excessive usage, low fluid levels, dirty fluid and poor driving habits. Clutch wear results in sludge building up in the channels that carry the fluid. This in turn reduces the flow of fluid in the transmission which reduces performance. Transmission Repair Montgomery TX can remedy this problem by removing the old fluid, cleaning the filter and possibly flushing clean fluid through the transmission. The latter may be required with really dirty transmissions because simply draining the fluid may not remove the sludge buildup in the transmission.

A common problem with standard shifting transmissions is the clutch assembly wearing out. Every time you press the clutch it wears down a little. If you have a habit of resting your foot on the pedal, then you are also putting a bit of pressure on the clutch, this results in excessive wear. The problem with clutch repair is that the transmission must be removed from the engine to access the clutch assembly.

Sooner or later, if you own the vehicle long enough, you will need to replace or repair the transmission. This is especially true with an automatic transmission. In most cases the mechanic will suggest swapping the transmission with a factory rebuilt model. That is, the transmission was a used one that has been completely stripped, cleaned and had any internal parts that might wear out replaced.

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