Dana Spicer Parts: Off-Road Transmissions, Axles and More

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Automotive

Off-highway vehicles are relied upon for demanding tasks that require high levels of horsepower, performance and reliability. So, it makes sense that you’d want to purchase the most superiorly-made components for your vehicle. Dana Spicer parts include a wide array of vehicle components, such as transmissions, torque converters, drive shafts and axles. Trusted suppliers often carry Dana Spicer parts, as well as other manufacturers’ products. Regardless of your needs, an expert company can assist you with selecting the perfect parts for your off-highway vehicle.

Long-Lasting Transmissions
Off-road vehicles are tough, heavy-duty machines, and the same can be said for their transmissions. Contrary to standard vehicles, off-highway vehicles are solely designed to handle rigorous workloads. Brand-name transmissions, such as Dana Spicer, are engineered to deliver anywhere from 50 to 1,000 horsepower. Operators need to be certain their vehicles’ transmissions are top-of-the-line and capable of getting the job done without delay. In turn, manufacturers build transmissions in the knowledge that workers depend on smooth yet powerful performance to complete demanding tasks, such as mining and construction work.

Torque Converters & Drive Shafts
Other types of Dana Spicer parts off-road vehicle operators frequently rely on include torque converters and drive shafts. In short, a torque converter moves rotational power from an engine to a transmission, while a drive shaft transforms an engine’s torque into energy and force sufficient to move a vehicle. These components are integral sources of power and movement for all types of engine-operated vehicles – off-highway vehicles included. Through a trusted mechanical supplier, you can find the Dana Spicer torque converters and drive shafts you need to keep your off-road vehicle running optimally.

Dependable Axles
Like transmissions, torque converters, and drive shafts, axles are essential pieces for many different vehicle models. If you operate an off-highway vehicle, A-grade axles are a must. It goes without saying that off-highway vehicles require sturdier, more rugged axles than standard cars and trucks. Safety and performance are crucial points to consider when choosing an axle for your off-road backhoe, bulldozer or forklift. Dana Spicer axles are built to handle sudden stops, bumpy terrain, and relentless workloads – all non-negotiable when it comes to using off-road vehicles to complete tough operations.

Palmer Johnson Power Systems is an authorized dealer of Dana Spicer components, as well as other industry-leading manufacturers. To request a sevice estimate, visit Pjpower.com.

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