Considering Different Options for Decorative Mulch in Connecticut

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Compost

While the main point of using mulch in flower beds and islands is to help retain moisture in the soil and protect the root systems of plants, there is also another aspect to consider. Mulch should also add something to the look of those beds and islands. By considering different options for Decorative Mulch in Connecticut, it is possible to come up with something that is both practical and attractive.

Cedar Chips A popular option for Decorative Mulch in Connecticut is cedar chips. The chips can be layered with ease and help to give the flower beds one more touch that looks perfectly natural. In addition, those chips will provide plenty of protection from the sun, while also helping to keep the moisture content of the soil within a reasonable range. If cedar chips are not available for some reason, it is possible to use other types of wood chips and bark. A quick check at a local home and garden shop will make it easy to see what is currently in stock and ready for use.

Pine Straw Another approach that is worth considering is the use of pine straw. This type of mulch is relatively inexpensive in most places, and will provide excellent protection for the plants. It also will hold its color for a long time. As with other organic options for mulch, the straw does begin to break down over time, which in turn helps to infuse the soil with more nutrients.

Leaf Compounds Another approach is to put the leaves collected during fall to good use and make mulch from them. By running the leaves and even small limbs through mulching equipment, the result is a fine cover that will certainly help to add nutrients to the soil and protect the plants. Some people find that they like to spread a layer of this type of compound first, then top it off with pebbles or decorative rocks. The look can be striking and will certainly go a long way in promoting plant growth. For homeowners who need held deciding what to use, it never hurts to get advice from local experts. Doing so will make it much easier for the homeowner to identify the best options in terms of price and appearance.

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