What is Shamanic Journeying?

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Education & Training

Shamanism has been described by those who practice it as “ecstasy.” Many who practice Shamanism have a distinct set of beliefs and traditions just as any other religion. One tradition in particular that is popular in shamanism is utilizing the powerful rhythm of shamanic drumming.

Shamanic Drumming can lead a person beyond the normal meditative state and progress to an ecstatic trance called “journeying.” The drumming allows the journeyer to have a sympathetic connection with the soul and sound. Shamanic journeying is the process of transcending planes that are normally hidden to obtain knowledge needed to help ourselves and others. The journey allows you to communicate with your own spirit to find answers concerning mental and physical concerns. Each journeying experience is unique, which gives the journeyer the chance to go deeper into their spirit for answers.

Shamanic Journeying at LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine is a blend traditional shamanism and conventional healing which can lead to a greater understanding of one’s body and mind. There are several steps in the journeying process and LightSong offers courses that cover each step in great detail.

Peace and kindness is only a plane of existence away and Shamanic journeying will assist in transcending that difference. Start your path to enlightenment by enrolling today.

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