Tips for Choosing a Pre School Curriculum in Oceanside, CA

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When it comes to choosing a Pre School Curriculum in Oceanside CA, many parents aren’t even sure that they want their children to go. There is an ongoing debate over whether it is best to teach your child at home during the preschool years or whether it is better to send them to a school.

The Montessori Method of teaching has come a long way and since it is not so structured many parents are choosing this method. Below you will find some of the pros and cons of choosing a pre school curriculum in Oceanside CA instead of keeping your child at home during these formative years.

The Pros of Preschool

1. Your child will learn independence at an early age.

2. You child will learn through play instead of a structured environment when you choose the Montessori Method.

3. Your child will be allowed to explore on their own in a safe environment and not made to sit still for hours at a time in a classroom

4. There will be no TVs or electronics to sit them in front of and do the teaching for the teacher.

5. You will not get test grades, rewards, or report cards. Instead, the students and parents keep a portfolio to show you when the time comes.

6. Children are encouraged to explore and play on their own terms, just so they are not in any danger. The teacher will follow them around and let them do their own thing. This is how the Montessori Method encourages them to learn.

7. The focus is on learning real life skills, instead of on academics in this type of school.

The Cons of Preschool

1. Your child will be away from home, therefore away from the parents

2. There are very few public schools systems that offer this type of learning, so you may have to enroll your child in private school and pay private school fees.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of enrolling your child in the Montessori schools of your choice. You can also visit the schools in the area to get more information. You can Click here for more information as well.

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