Three Reasons to hire Professional Motivational Speakers

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Education & Training

Doug DvorakThere comes a time in every great leader’s life to take a long hard look at their team and see if anything is missing. Often that missing element turns out to be motivation. Here are five reasons to consider hiring professional motivational speakers to keep your team motivated:

1. No One is Listening: Chances are if you need to motivate your team they are probably no longer listening to you. This is a hard truth to face if you consider yourself a good leader. It is important to remember that lack of motivation is not always your fault. Sometimes there are outside factors from poor pay to upper management that are insensitive to your team’s needs. Professional motivational speakers can help get people back on track so you can step in and keep the ball rolling.

2. Layoffs: When layoffs occur there is very little managers can say to let people know they are safe in their jobs. Layoffs can stir up feelings of fear, but more so they can stir up feelings of guilt. Many people may not even realize what they are feeling. Professional motivational speakers know how to dig deep, reach those confused feelings and let people know things are going to be okay. They will remind people why they are still there: Their role is pertinent to the success of the business.

3. Changes: Change is hard for most people. If changes are happening such as restructuring, taking on a major new client, or worse losing one or even things such as the death of a major influence in the company’s management team professional motivational speakers will be able to step in and walk people through the changes and help them see their role in moving things forward. It will involve them in the changes and make them feel more like a member of the team. When people feel like they are part of the changes instead of a victim or innocent bystander they will be more apt to get their buy in which will make things proceed more smoothly.

Without motivation your team will lose their passion for their jobs, their performance will suffer and in turn so will your business. Professional motivational speakers can step in and help get people back on track.

If you are looking to hire professional motivational speakers for your next event, Doug Dvorak can customize an effective speech for your team.

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