The Importance Of Project Managers With Office Moving Companies In Louisville

by | May 12, 2015 | Moving Services

Moving an office, from a few workers to hundreds, is significantly more of a logistical issue than a residential move. Timing of the move becomes more critical if the business needs to be up and running in a short period of time. In these situations looking for office moving companies in Louisville providing on-site project managers should be a top priority.

Not all office moving companies in Louisville provide this service. In fact, many companies don’t have anyone on-site other than the driver who is coordinating the move. While this may be acceptable for a small office where there is limited content to move, in anything beyond a basic office enhanced coordination is a must.

The Role of Project Manager

The actual job of a project manager for top office moving companies in Louisville starts well before the move. This professional, typically someone with years of experience in handling corporate and business moves, will meet with the business manager or move coordinator.

This is done in advance to determine what needs to happen prior to and during the move. This includes taking down any computer networks, packing sensitive electronic and office equipment, as well as taking apart modules, cubicles or shelving units.

In addition, the project managers for office moving companies in Louisville will also spend time with the move coordinator in mapping out where items are to be placed, reassembled or connected in the new location. This will all be mapped out in advance so the move-out and move-in is seamless.

On-Site Management

With the best office moving companies in Louisville the project manager will be on-site during the move. This allows for immediate response to any questions the moving or packing team may have, as well as the ability to make any last-minute changes in the plan.

In addition, with project manager on site there is direct supervision of the entire move, giving the business the security in knowing someone who understands their goals and plans for the relocation is handling all aspects of the process.

The best office moving companies in Louisville will provide project managers to work with your moving coordinator or designated contact person. With one professional as the point of contact for any questions, there is a true customer focused atmosphere to the whole move which will reduce stress and anxiety for everyone involved.

Armstrong Relocation is one of the select office moving companies in Louisville offering on-site project managers to our commercial customers. To learn more about our services visit us at website.

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