Planning A Move With International Movers In Chicago

by | May 12, 2015 | Moving Services

Moving is always a challenging time, but moving internationally comes with its own set of unique issues to consider. Choosing the best international movers in Chicago to handle all aspects of a move out of or into the United States is critical to avoid delays and possible issues.

It may seem obvious, but one very important consideration is the experience a moving company has in international moves in general. Working with a company with years of experience in safely and efficiently moving customers to and from the United States is essential.

Working with companies claiming to be international movers in Chicago but which have no experience and no international presence in the destination country will create additional stress, possible delays, and even greater risk of additional fees and costs of the move.

Know Restrictions

While most moves to Canada or South America will have few restrictions on what can be moved across the borders, there are issues to consider and specifics for these as well as other countries.

The most experienced and expert international movers in Chicago will provide customers with lists of items which cannot be moved. This includes flammables, hazardous materials, plants and some seeds or dried plant products, firearms and ammunition, cleaning products, fuels, perishable food items or any type of aerosol cans or most types of batteries.

Cost Savings

Another option to consider when working with international movers in Chicago is what items really need to be moved and which can be replaced or purchased at your new home.

Some things, such as small and large appliances, may not work for the vast majority of international countries. Selling them prior to the move cuts the cost of the move as they are big and bulky items.

Additionally, heavy furniture items such as couches, loveseats, dining room sets and even beds may be easier and less costly to leave behind and purchase replacements. Top international movers in Chicago can provide short or long term storage for your possessions in Chicago if you are planning on returning to the US at a future date.

By working with experienced international movers in Chicago, you will have the benefit of their expertise with these types of moves. Top companies also provide information and support for their customers at each step of the move, adding to your peace of mind.

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