Getting Used Parts for Your Roll off Garbage Truck

by | May 11, 2015 | Automobiles

Most companies only have a limited number of roll-off garbage trucks in their fleets. If one breaks down, then time is usually of the essence in getting it fixed so that business operations can continue and so that customers can receive the services that they need and deserve. The following are the most common roll off truck parts that can be purchased used:

1. Pins and Rollers. Located along both sides of the hoist that enables the container to roll on the hoist.

2. Container Locks. Container locks are utilized because they are a DOT regulation for hold downs.

3. Replaceable Wear Strips. These are two pieces on top of the hoist that adds to the longevity of the hoist.

4. Cable end. It is a metal piece at the end that hooks to the roll off container.

5. Hoist Rear Roller. The roller is round like a roller. It is located at the end of the hoist and it connects to the tilting frame pivot point.

6. Tilting Frame Pivot Point. It has a round piece where the hoist pivots. It connects to the main tilting frame.

7. Double Cylinders. These are hydraulic cylinders that are found behind the cab of the truck. They lift the front of the hoist in order to create the level of tilt that is needed for the hook and cable to pull the container onto the truck.

8. The Hook. This is a hook that is located near the cab of the truck. It works to pull the container onto the trailer.

9. The Cable. The cable works in conjunction with the hook to pull the container onto the trailer.

Buy from a Reputable Supplier

No matter what type of used roll off truck parts that you need, it is important to ensure that you purchase them from a reputable supplier that you can trust. A good supplier will offer quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive prices.

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