Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Automobiles

If your car has dings, dents or creases, you will want to learn about paintless dent removal (PDR). This is a process through which specially developed tools are used to literally massage the dents in your car, getting it back to its original state within minutes, while avoiding damaging the car’s paintwork. This process allows you to make repairs on your vehicle whilst maintaining the car’s original factory finish.

To achieve a flawless paintless dent repair, a trained technician will use special PDR tools to gain access to the dented area through tiny holes, the door or by removing the interior trim and inner wheel arch moldings. After identifying the extent of the dent, the technician massages the panel back to its original condition.

Some of the benefits derived from Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore include:

1. Cost effectiveness: The process does not involve the use of such materials as paint and fillers among other consumables, which makes the process up to 4 times cheaper than the conventional car repair process. Therefore, you will not require to make an insurance claim as the repair cost is likely to be less than your insurance deductible.

2. The process allows you to retain your vehicle’s original factory finish. This is attributable to the fact that no painting or filling is involved during dent removal, thus there is no risk of over spraying or using mismatched colors. The original paint on your car remains untouched.

3. Time-saving: The technicians involved in paintless dent removal are often sufficiently trained, thus they can offer you expedient services. Most dents are repairable within an hour’s time.

4. Convenience: The service providers for PDR will often offer you a mobile service. This will allow you to have your car repaired at the convenience of either your home or workplace. Besides, your car will not be taken away to the body shop, thus your daily use of the car will not be interrupted.

5. Environmental concerns: This process is environmentally friendly because it does not involve any rubbing down of paint, filler or chemicals.

Effective removal of car dents has been shown to improve the market value of a car, making it easier to sell. If you are looking to have Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore, contact Diamond Detail. They will use extensive techniques and quality equipment to deliver exceptional services for your car.


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