Taking the Misunderstanding Out of Hiring National Moving Companies

There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about the cost of moving throughout the United States or internationally. Many people assume national moving companies are overpriced and hiring the small, local companies to complete local or long distance moves is a better option and results in an overall cost savings.

There are several issues with this misconception that are misleading. By carefully looking at what is driving this misunderstanding, it allows homeowners to learn more accurately about moving and also the benefits of hiring national moving companies over the alternative.

Prices Offered

When you just compare the estimate for a move from a local moving company and any of the top national moving companies you will notice the local moving company will typically have a lower rate. However, this in itself can be misleading, and it is essential to compare line item by line item and also the services offered.

The rate is just the cost of the actual move or the loading and unloading of the truck. This will not include extra costs which can be added on at a later date, often easily doubling what the original cost.

Fuel surcharges, distance from the unloading point to the home, stairs, taking large furniture items apart and putting them together and other costs can all be left off of your original discussion to provide a lower initial quote. Larger national moving companies will have all these items in the original estimate based on the information you provide.


Typically most national moving companies use load consolidation, which can help to lower the cost of your move. This means more than one household is loaded on the truck, reducing the cost for the entire load.

With small companies, it may take weeks to consolidate a load, which means a much longer time for delivery of your household possessions. The national moving companies, because of the volume of moves they do, typically don’t have this extended delay.

Staff and Movers

When you hire national moving companies there will be screened, trained and experienced staff completing your packing, loading, driving, unloading and unpacking. They can do this because of their national presence and their ability to network with their offices around the country.

Local moving companies don’t have this network in place. They will typically hire day labor to complete your unloading and unpacking at the destination. These people are not trained, often not screened, and not experienced in the correct handling of your furniture.

Choosing national moving companies is worth the price. Ask questions and make sure you understand just what you are getting with any mover you choose.

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