Here Are Your Manitowoc Ice Machine Parts

by | May 18, 2015 | Business

Ice machines contain very intricate, but communicative working parts, which produce a variety of ice cubes and water. Fresh, clean ice from ice machines depends on how well they are maintained, cleaned and repaired. The ice machine types include standalone, undercounter, and combination ice and bin units. Ice machines are not a closed system, like refrigerators, they are more like dishwashers, connected to a constant supply of pure water, as well as electricity.

How an Ice Maker Functions

An HVAC technician is quite familiar with all ice machine models and their working parts. The basic inception of ice machine parts, involve a metal tray connected to a set of coiled heat-exchanging pipes. A compressor drives a stream of refrigerant fluid through a condenser, and then it is released into an evaporator. When the refrigerant fluid is compressed, its temperature is raised. When the compressed fluids are passed through an expansion valve, it evaporates, becoming gaseous. This cools the pipes and the metal ice tray.

Each ice machine also has a water pump, drawing water from a collection sump as it pours over the chilled ice tray. When the water flows over the ice tray, it slowly freezes, building up into ice cubes. To get the ice cubes into a waiting bin, the process involves the ice machine triggering a solenoid valve which is connected to the heat-exchanging coils. The compressor stops pushing heated gas out and instead, forces the gas into a wide bypass tube. This gas is cycled back into the evaporator pipes, where the pipes and the ice tray heat up quickly, which loosens the ice cubes.

Generally, individual cube cavities are slanted so the loosened ice cube styles will slide out into a collection bin. These are the standard, basic ice machine models, but there are also ice machines which carry an additional ice making part, called the “ice crusher.” The ice crusher breaks the ice cylinder into small pieces, depending upon the crusher mechanism part. Ice shapes which are available in ice machines, include full cube, half cube, crescent, gourmet, flake, nugget, crushed and more.

Parts which Keep Ice Makers Working

Maintaining ice makers like the Manitowoc ice machine parts requires a highly qualified heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician and a company which carries various models of ice machines and their accessories. The basic and main components for all models, including the Manitowoc ice machine parts, which keeps a unit operating healthy and efficiently, including the following:

* evaporator
* accumulator
* compressor
* hot gas bypass valve
* condenser
* water pump

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