Stout, Porter, and Food Pairings: Yummy for the Tummy!

by | Feb 27, 2017 | Food

Throwing a beer tasting party demands a lot more than a few cases of store beer and a bunch of Li’l Smokies in bottled barbecue sauce. Beer has just as rich a culinary tradition as wine, and can be paired with different foods and regional cuisines for a great party. Check out a variety of these darkest of the darks from your favorite craft beer online store.

*    Stout: Dry, sweet, or Imperial, they key here is “rich.” Excellent with game meats such as venison, or strongly flavored duck and mutton. Don’t forget robust fruit desserts – a tarte tatin, stuffed figs, or a traditional steamed pudding are all on the table. Try a brie, camembert, or other bloomy rind cheeses with this beer or make an Irish cheddar and stout fondue. Pick charcuterie that can stand up such as pates or terrines, and the most robust hams and bacons. If you have the wallet for it, try jamón Ibérico de bellota and duck confit.

*    Porter: Great with grilled meats and stronger flavored fish. Perfect to wash down Bluepoint oysters on the half shell. Also pairs well with grilled veggies for the more herbivorous. Porter’s dessert soul mate is chocolate, so lava cakes are on the menu. Robust cheeses are your best pick, such as a classic Stilton or Emmenthaler, but nobody’s going to gripe about a triple cream Brillat Savarin – and if they do then throw them out and eat their share. Bresaola, sopressata, and even robust smoked salmon and trout are perfect here.

Round out your tasting menu with fruit chutneys and preserves, even fig and quince pastes. Pickled vegetables will add a bright, acidic note. Remember, matching Country X’s cuisine to a beer from Country X doesn’t mean the food and beer will work well together. Cuisine is regional, and beers and wines are made to complement the particular flavors. So pick some new brews or old favorites and choose food to match – or vice versa – and get everyone together for a great evening of food and fun. Like us at Facebook

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