Organic Chia Seeds And Your Health

by | May 27, 2015 | Food

If you are looking for a way to boost your vitality, consider what you can derive from the latest “superfood” organic chia seeds. At Organic Merchants, we work hard to make sure you can have your pick of the best in organic products including our organic black chia seeds. We know they are among the healthiest foods you can ever try.

Health Benefits of Organic Chia Seeds

Although they are very tiny, Chia seeds pack a punch where your health is concerned. Research has found them to be a positive influence on your physical and mental wellbeing. Consider the following:

1. Chia seeds are full of nutrients but light on calories  this means you can eat more, if you want or can (Chia seeds are quite filling) without worrying about increased weight

2. Chia seeds may be high in carbohydrates but being high in insoluble fiber, your body does not absorb it all. In fact, Chia is a low-carb food. This makes it perfect for some special or very specific diets

3. Chia seeds contain protein, but it is of a high quality – one that is capable of helping you reduce any obsessive thoughts of eating. This, combined with the fiber and the characteristic of becoming a gel when placed in the stomach, can help with weight loss

4. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in high amounts in Chia seeds.

5. Many of the nutrients found in large numbers in chia seeds, notably in organic Chia seeds online from us, are significant for bone health e.g. calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and protein. This proves to be helpful for vegetarians and vegans who need to ensure their diet contains a certain amount of calcium

Overall, the potential for improving and maintaining a healthy body in today’s world is made more possible if you choose to make organic Chia seeds part of your diet. Research has been particularly promising where type 2 diabetes is concerned. Significant changes were found in specific markers when the test group incorporated Chia seeds into their diet.

Where to Get Organic Chia Seeds

There are many potential places where you can purchase organic chia seeds. In fact, you can easily find them in various health and specialty stores and, increasingly online and in mainstream grocery stores. We, at Organic Merchants, offer you the chance to enjoy organic chia seeds as part of your daily diet. Our organic chia seeds online, including our celebrated organic black Chia seeds, are readily available and definitely affordable. This makes it better for you, our customer – both in terms of your health and your pocketbook.

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