Massage Schools In Phoenix and Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage has rapidly been gaining in popularity among many populations. Athletes and their training staff are viewing it as one means of improving performance in their sport while reducing injuries. Sports massage is a growing field promising gainful and interesting employment opportunities for massage therapists. This is one reason why ASIS Massage Education’s massage schools in Phoenix are including this type of massage in their curriculum. It help students, such as you, learn how to become a contributor in this thriving and exciting world.

What Defines Sports Massage?

Jack Meagher was responsible for first introducing sports massage to the United States. It had an exceedingly small impact on the sporting and massage communities until the 1980s. At this point, the medical community had begun to appreciate the potential and actual advantages that sports massage could offer to athletes. Those both in and outside of athletic endeavors were beginning to realize the applications.

Sports massage is, to a certain extent, defined by when it is applied. It is included as part of a well-defined and balanced sport training regimen. It is applied in specific instances including:

1. Pre-event
2. Post-event
3. Maintenance
4. Rehabilitation

At our ASIS massage schools in Phoenix Arizona and across the state, you will be taught that the focus of a sports massage therapist is to prevent injuries. This and the timing of the usage clearly define what you will come to understand as sports massage.


Sports massage derives its techniques from other massage therapies. At ASIS massage schools in Phoenix, you will learn the basic strokes that are part of sports massage. These include:

1. Effleurage
2. Compression
3. Tapotement
4. Jostling
5. Petrisse
6. Shaking
7. Rocking

These techniques are learned in our comprehensive massage schools in Phoenix as a means of helping athletes live up to their full potential while reducing the potential for injuries. As a massage therapist you must learn the right techniques and when to employ them if you hope to help your clients reap the benefits from sports massage.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Athletes and their trainers claim there are many benefits from using sports massage as part of a regular training regime. Among those most commonly cited are:

1. Enhancement of performance advantages
2. Reduction of recovery time
3. Improving muscle functioning properties
4. Healing of muscle micro-tears
5. Preparation of both the mind and body for an athletic event
6. Reduction of injuries

At massage school, you will discover how to employ your knowledge and skills to ensure that such benefits are possible.

Sports Massage and Massage Schools, Phoenix

Sports massage is a wonderful and growing field in which to work. It places you in the public eye at times. It is rewarding in so many ways. You can start by signing up for massage courses in one of the local Arizona massage schools. In Phoenix, consider the advantages of attending an accredited massage therapy course such as those offered by ASIS. The campuses of these experienced and respected ASIS massage schools in Arizona can provide you with more than enough to become a certified and licensed massage therapist – the first step towards your goal of Sports Massage Therapist.

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