Graduate Programs to Suit Your Continued Education

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Education & Training

Many students find their undergraduate programs to be rewarding, and find the idea of a continued education to be even more appealing. This can be for the personal desire to fulfill their need for knowledge, or it can be to set themselves apart in job selection. It is also becoming more common for potential employers to include a master’s degree in their job requirements, as employment competition can be vigorous. If you find yourself looking to expand your education, there are several different master’s programs available to you.

Choosing Your Program

The type of master’s degree that you will need depends on what your undergraduate program was focused on and what you find interesting. In general, most master’s degrees are going to be much more specific than what your bachelor’s degree was. It is important that your program fits well with what you are hoping to learn. Once you decide what program you are interested in pursuing, you can start thinking about what school to go to.

Choosing Your School

It is important that you find schools that suit your needs, and provide the program that you are interested it. A master’s degree in historic preservation may not be available everywhere, so that is your first step in researching possible schools. Other things you must take into consideration include the school’s location, housing options, and accreditation. You will be representing this school on your resume for your entire career; it is important that your school be a name you are proud to associate with. You are going to have to do some fairly extensive research, and that takes time to do well. Start your search at least three months before application deadlines to ensure that your decision will work well for you in the long run.

If you are looking to complete a master’s degree in historic preservation check out the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. More information can be found on their website:

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