Go-To Guide for Building Stone

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Business

The array of building stones available now is greater than ever before. Access to new materials from around the world has made it so that homeowners, designers, and contractors in New Jersey have access to an abundance of stone materials for building, paving, and finishing.

Because of the variety of building stones available, it can be even more difficult to make a decision. The easiest thing to do first is to narrow the playing field and eliminate categories of stone you do not want.

The first questions you should have in mind are: what is the stone being used for and why?

The stone you use for flooring or paving is going to be different from the stone you choose for countertops or wall finishes. You need to know why you are making the choices you do: is it because you need the most durable stone possible, or is it because you are seeking something unique?

You need to know why you are choosing particular categories of stone because you may be overlooking other types that can provide you with the same qualities, such as texture, sheen, or durability. A well-stocked stone supplier like NJ Gravel & Sand can help alert you to stone types you might not have heard of before, potentially saving you money.

Cost does matter; the price of stone varies considerably. For smaller installations, you can afford to buy a more expensive stone. Larger projects can prove expensive if going for the highest end product, so you need to know if there are viable alternatives to your first choice.

When choosing building stone, you want to consider all elements of aesthetics such as color, how the color changes in different light conditions, texture, and durability. If you are seeking stone for any building or renovation project, learn about the products available from NJ Gravel & Sand.

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