How Effective are Salt-Free Water Conditioners?

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Business

If you have ever needed your water softened or conditioned, you may have heard salt-free water conditioners mentioned. In doing so, you may have also heard them spoken about with mixed favor, as some people prefer them and others do not. What is the truth? How effective are these products, and would an industry professional recommend them for your home and system? The answers are likely as individual as you are!

Why Soften?

Water softeners – also called “descalers” – typically work through a process called ionic exchange. This means that they withdraw and absorb the particles that make your water hard and cause built-up deposits such as calcium or magnesium and replace them with soft minerals like potassium and sodium. These substances typically contain salts, as these are the basis of the “replacement” ions being put into the water as harmful minerals are withdrawn.

While the organic chemicals found in hard water are not typically harmful when used for cooking or drinking, they can be hard on the skin and even harder on your fixtures and surfaces as they cause a scummy buildup and rust-like stains.

Hold the Salt

In the case of water conditioners created without salt, the effectiveness is very comparable. They work a bit differently, inhibiting the ability of hard water elements to adhere to surfaces and even to the skin in many cases, making them a viable option for those looking to cut back on or eliminate scale issues in their homes and one their bodies.

One of the primary drawbacks to this kind of conditioner is that it isn’t quite as effective in places where water tends to sit for long periods of time, as a buildup of calcium and other substances can still occur in these places. However, if your water system has a good booster pump or is frequently used – as are most, in modern American homes – then you have little to worry about when choosing to go easy on the salt!

Interested in learning more about or purchasing some salt-free water conditioners for your home or water system? Contact your nearest or online water filtration retailer and ask for them by type. They’ll know just what you need to keep your water clean – hold the salt!

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