Assembly and Operation of the Google Cardboard Headset

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Business

The Google cardboard virtual reality viewer are built out of low-cost, simple components. The actual specifications of the headset were completely designed by Google. The schematics, list of parts and the assembly instructions were made available on the website, which allowed people to assemble the Cardboard viewers themselves from the parts that were readily available. The pre-manufactured viewers could only be purchased from third-party vendors until February of 2016, when the viewers were sold by Google through the Google store.

Parts of the Google VR Viewer

The Google cardboard virtual reality viewer is made of a piece of cardboard that is cut into a specific shape. It has 45-millimeter focal length lenses, hook and loop fastener, capacitive tape or magnets, a rubber band, and an optional part is the NFC (near field communication) tag.

Google has also provided additional recommendations for larger scale manufacturing as well as pre-assembled kits that are based on the plans provided available for sale for under $5. Also, there are multiple vendors who are now selling cardboard variations.

Using the Cardboard Viewer

After you have assembled the kit, then you insert your smartphone into the back of the device, which will be held in place by the chosen fastening device. Once in place, you can begin experiencing all that virtual reality technology has to offer.

If you are on the fence about what virtual reality viewer to purchase, you should consider the Google cardboard virtual reality viewer. This device was designed with the end user in mind. It provides the virtual reality experience at a price that almost anyone can afford. More information about these headsets, as well as others that are on the market today can be found by visiting the Dodo Case VR website.

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