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by | Jan 16, 2015 | Pest Control

Many homeowners in Indianapolis have gone through the turmoil of dealing with a termite infestation in their home. Not only do the termites cause structural problems in your home, they can also cause major stress and costly repairs. In some extreme cases, homes have been deemed condemned due to the extent of the damage caused by the termite colonies. When termites enter a home, they’re capable of massive amounts of damage to the wood support beams and other wooden areas of your home. Keeping them out with the help of a professional pest company such as AAA Exterminating can save you from having to deal with costly damages and repairs.

Termites will enter a home for two major reasons: shelter and sustenance. This usually occurs through cracks in foundations, small holes in walls, and breaks in seals around your home’s windows or doors. Dealing with these entrances into your home is one of the more important steps to proper Termite Control Indianapolis, to prevent future infestations. Without these entrances, termites will have a harder time gaining entry. What attracts termites into these entrances, however, is the sources of food and moisture in your home that they can survive on. Leaky pipes, areas of moisture build up from temperature differences around piping or appliances, and areas where mold or mildew can grow are all areas that need to be addressed in this situation.

The first step to proper Termite Control Indianapolis is to get rid of the colony and all damaged areas it has created. A professional exterminator can help you inspect your home for termite colonies, locating them for removal easily. Be forewarned, however, that when they are removed you will have portions of your home that need to be repaired at the same time. Termites can quickly turn a strong floor or ceiling brace into mulch over a very short period of time. They hollow out the wood as they burrow to make their nests. This causes a lot of weakening and stability issues for the braces in your home, which can lead to collapsing and injuries to you and your family. Be prepared to have some remodeling done when you rid your home of termites and always trust the judgment of a professional when seeking help with termites.

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