Chicago Moving Services Can Guide You through the Complex Moving Process

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Moving Companies

Moving will be one of the most challenging things you’ll do in life. The stress begins the exact moment you decide to move, and it continues until you’ve finally reached your destination and have gotten everything unpacked and set up intact with the help of moving services. Chicago moving companies can guide you through the process from start to finish and answer any questions you have.

Three Weeks out
About three weeks prior to your move, you may want to take your family for a goodbye visit to places around your city that spark good memories. You may even wish to have a going-away celebration for your kids as well as their friends. You can even have an informal dinner or open house or barbecue to have fun before you move.

Amid the fun, be sure to make any necessary travel plans for your family, which includes reserving hotel rooms as well as airline tickets if needed. If you plan to drive to your new destination, be sure that your car’s windshield wipers, brakes, belts, fluids and tires are checked before your journey.

Packing Tips
It’s best to get a head start on packing about three weeks before your move so that you don’t get overwhelmed the week of your move. You can start by packing decorative items, seasonal clothes and books—items you won’t need right before your move. Be sure to dispose of fireworks, acids and cleaning fluids. Other flammables to dispose of including aerosol cans, chemistry sets and matches. You also need to throw out weed killer and other similar poisons as well as ammunition. Discard containers of bleach, paint, paint thinner and oil that are partly used as well.

House Preparation Tips
Set up an appointment to have your home’s major appliances prepared for shipment by a service technician, or you can have your moving agent send a professional who has the authorization to do this. Also, set a date to have your utilities disconnected. Try to keep your utilities on during your moving day if possible. The right moving services in Chicago will help you remember the most important steps of the move process and assist you in executing them seamlessly.

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