Buying a Wood Crates in Dallas

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Moving Companies

First used in the 1930s, crates were built to ship large bulky or fragile items. This method of shipping replaced the old style of packing dry goods in barrels to be boarded onto cargo ships. Crates differ from wooden boxes in how the load ratings are calculated. Simple wood boxes are rated by all sides before the top is installed. Crates, however, are rated on all six sides after the top is put on.

Why would someone choose to use a crate over some other method of shipping? Usually custom built to your needs, crates can accommodate a wide variety of items. Motorcycles and large laboratory equipment to small and fragile items, like wine bottles, can also benefit from this method of packaging.

Freight using crates is more economical than other forms of shipping. Using forklifts to offload from tractor trailers to staging areas ready to load by crane onto large ships can ensure the safety of the load. Shipping crates can also be designed from other materials than wood. Metals such as steel or aluminum can be used.

When shopping for custom built cratesin Dallas for your shipment, there are a few things to look for. Make sure that the shipper has an IPPC stamp on the crate. This certification is overseen by the American Lumber Standard Committee.

Any wooden crate entering foreign ports must pass quality inspections for pests. Shipments that don’t pass and may be infested will be fumigated. Look for companies that build crates and ships for the Department of Defense and military outfits. This way, you can be sure that the quality control is much higher when using mil spec materials. Shipping Wood Crates in Dallas is as simple as picking up the phone. Many times the shipper will come to your location for final assembly of the crate for your shipment.

Before shipment, make sure that you have an accurate measurement of your item. The size and weight information of your item is important to your shipper. This will ensure that the design of the crate will protect your shipment. Furthermore, note all pieces to your item and make sure you have adequate insurance in case something goes wrong with the shipment. There are plenty of shippers that custom build Wood Crates in Dallas.


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