What to Look for in International Moving Companies in Knoxville

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Moving Services

International moving and shipping can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be a difficult and complex one. Most people never move out of the country, and some do it only once in their lifetime. Many people serving a variety of functions are involved in the process, and many factors are to be considered when selecting a company that can do international moving. Knoxville is one city where there are several companies that can do this kind of shipping and moving and can facilitate the process.

Start Sorting
As international moving can be expensive, items should not be shipped that, once they arrive, it is found out they cannot be used or should have been discarded many years ago. The exact size of the home located abroad should be determined ahead of time as well as precisely what will be needed, used, or wanted. This can be a good time to donate unneeded items to charity or hold a yard sale just for the purpose of eliminating surplus household goods or possessions.

Get References
Recommendations of companies that move people internationally should be sought out from people who know the destination country. This typically can include people who have moved from the same origin to the same destination, support groups for people in the destination country who have moved there, and potentially the consulate or local embassy of the destination country. If the move is being done due to a company transfer, then the Human Resources Department can be another source of recommendations.

Make Selections
A list can now be complied of suggested companies. Some contacts of people in the destination country may also have been gathered during the discovery process who will be able to answer questions about where to find the best local shops and entertainment, for example. Three companies is enough to get an accurate idea of competitive costs by reviewing estimates, comparing prices and having company representatives come to do a visual inspection.

Company Representatives
Representatives should come to do a visual inspection of the house prior to undertaking international moving. Knoxville is known for its several moving companies that can do a complete walkthrough of the home, provide an estimate, and prepare a custom-designed plan to manage the move.

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