A Guide to the Maryland Blue Crab Feast

Every summer, people from everywhere flock to Maryland to have a Maryland blue crab feast. Have you ever wondered what about Maryland blue crabs is so special? Read on below for a ton of reasons that crabs are the only way to go in Maryland in the summer time.

What’s Special About Maryland Blue Crabs?

These crabs can be found as far north as the waters of Nova Scotia, but their closest ties have always been with Maryland. It is estimated that almost 50 percent of the blue crab harvest every season comes from Maryland’s gorgeous waters.

There is something called the holy trinity in Maryland and this is made up of Maryland blue crabs, oysters, and rock fish. People drive far and wide to get these crabs, though they can be shipped right to your home, steamed or live, according to which way you like them best. Not only are they special but they taste better than any other crabs on the market today as well. It has also been said by many people that the blue crabs from Maryland’s waters just have a better taste that blue crabs from other waters have.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Maryland Blue Crabs?

Eating any kind of crabs can make one a little impatient, because it takes time and work to get to the succulent meat inside. However, it’s well worth the wait to when you’re done digging the meat out. Blue crabs are easier to eat than many however, because their shells are much softer and break easier than other’s do.

These are just a few things that make these blue crabs special. If you’ve never had Maryland blue crabs, then make a trip to Maryland to get some. Better yet, have them delivered to your door by contacting Ilovecrabs.com today to order.

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