3 Reasons Why Salt-Free Water Conditioners are Better

Hard water problems can cause dry skin and rashes. It also makes you use more soap and shampoo to counter the minerals in the water. Limescale buildup in your pipes can also lead to a lot of repairs.

You can easily prevent all these when you put in a water conditioner in your home. Here’s why you might want to consider salt free water conditioners, though:

Low sodium diet

While salt-based water conditioners only introduce minimal sodium into your drinking system, if you’re already on a low-sodium diet, this can be a problem for you, says the Mayo Clinic.

You have kids

Salt in the water, even minimal amounts of it, can have disastrous consequences for infants. If you have a baby or babies in the house, then it’s wise to invest in salt free water conditioners instead.

You love plants

If you’ve got plants, then salt in your water can kill off your plants as well. This is an another reason why you should steer clear of salt-based water softeners.

Going salt-free

Some systems use activated charcoal or electrostatic to treat the water. These can present you with viable options. You’ll need to do your homework, though, to make sure you find the best solution for your home. What brands are trustworthy? Where do you find credible and reliable distributors? These are just a few of the things you’ll need to cover in your research.

Look for reviews

One way to start your research is to look online for reviews and feedback on a particular brand or system. This can easily jumpstart your search and give you a ton of the information you’ll need. With luck, you won’t have to spend too much time before you get a good handle on which systems, brands and distributors can come in and save the day.

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