Both Standard and Locking Gas Caps Serve a Purpose


There are good reasons to have both standard and locking gas caps. It just depends on what your risk level is.

Choosing Standard Caps

Standard fuel caps are great for people who are in very low risk areas. If they aren’t at risk for crime or vandalism locking caps are not a high priority. Using a standard cap is a great option for people like that. There are good aftermarket standard fuel caps that can increase fuel efficiency. Picking up a good aftermarket gas cap is very simple online. For people that live in a high risk area, a locking cap is an option.

Using Locking Caps

The use of gas locking caps will give you the peace of mind that you have secured your tank and that it is not left open. We see people leave the pump with an open gas tank door all the time, and sometimes the cap is sitting on the roof of the car. We have all done it, but when we forget to secure the cap, debris increases the risk of contaminating our tank. So whatever we can do, no matter how little it seems, remembering to secure our gas tanks is important to protect our tanks. It is a lot easier to remember to protect your tank with locking caps.

Each has Merits

Standard caps are fine for people in low risk area, but if you are not, don’t be one of those stories of someone stranded in the middle of a parking lot after having their gas stolen. Take the time now and protect your gas tank. Remember to lock your tank and know that your tank is locked away thieves, vandals and any potential contamination will be a great peace of mind. It is also great protection for your gas tank and your wallet. You can protect your gas tank when you choose gas locks that suit you and your vehicle.

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