4 Factors Before You Buy School Cafeteria Tables

Looking for school cafeteria tables for sale doesn’t mean going for the standard style, color or design. Take a look at the following buying factors to make your experience easier:


Look for a chrome frame finish. A power-coated frame finish is another option. Both make for an excellent choice, ensuring your tables withstand everyday use. Want scratch-resistant properties? You might want to go for a chrome finish then. It also prevents chipping of the paint for far longer. It costs more than a power-coat finish, though, so you’ll want to factor that into your budget.

Tabletop material

When it comes to discussions of material for cafeteria tabletops, the standard is particleboard. It’s lightweight but sturdy. It makes for an ideal option in a multipurpose lunch room. You can improve tabletop durability, though, by opting for a plywood core. This one can last you longer than a particleboard. In addition, nearly all cafeteria tables now come with laminate surfaces well able to withstand high pressure so you can count on many options to ensure easy cleaning, no matter the type of core material you go for.


Colors influence mood and behavior, says The Spruce. If you’re looking for school cafeteria tables for sale, especially one for kids, you might want to go for more than the usual run of blacks or whites. Go for warm colors that give off a welcoming vibe. Yellow can also be a good option, especially since it’s associated with happiness and motivation. Soft, subtle shades of the color also help improve memory which is always an advantage for students.


Go for tables with epoxy edging since these provide greater resistance against chipping and often comes with a tighter seal. This is perfect for school cafeterias since kids won’t easily be able to pick at the material. Standard options run to vinyl edge molding though.

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