Would Your Colorado Springs Business Benefit From An SEO Consultant?

As a business owner in Colorado Springs, finding ways to increase your customer base continually and reach out to new potential clients and customers is a big part of your ongoing success. Making the decision to hire an SEO consultant to look at your website and social media marketing plans is a good idea when you don’t see the growth you expected.

It can be difficult to understand why people aren’t coming to your website. There could be multiple reasons, and all may have a negative impact. Common reasons for people not finding your site, which is related to the position of your site on the search engine results, can include:

* Incorrect keywords that don’t match what customers and using to search.

* Lack of content and original product descriptions, tags and even alt tags and images.

* Not linking your social media to your website and not using consistent keywords for SSM (social media marketing) that drives traffic to your website.

* Not using responsive design which makes your website difficult if not impossible to read on smartphones and even tablets.

* Not including a blog that includes interesting, relevant and timely material.

* Not using reviews by customers to generate new content that utilizes the keywords and secondary keywords your customers use.

These factors, as well the use of relevant and high-quality links in your site will be just a few of the factors an SEO consultant will audit.

Description Problems

One very big issue that consultants often find is the use of stock or standard descriptions for items. This is most common on e-commerce sites, and it can seem overwhelming to have to write a new description for hundreds or thousands of products.

While it is a big job, remember that search engines, particularly Google, do penalize a site for duplicate content. This can include both texts as well as images, particularly if you are using the same alt tags as the source. The alt tags are the written description of the images that allows Google or the other search engines to “read” the image content.

Additionally, using Meta descriptions that include the keywords, boosting the relevant content on the page and building an ever increasing number of high-quality links is all part of the role of the SEO consultant.

You may be surprised at the little details that are limiting your ability to move up through the organic search engine results. Talk to a constant, plan your budget and then get working on making your website a truly profitable part of your business.

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