Why You Will Need A Chemical Spill Kit

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Business

It is essential that you have the appropriate tools to do the job correctly and safely. In most cases, that means having a spill kit designed to handle the liquids or items with which your work. If you must manufacture, store, use or distribute any chemical, hazardous spills are likely to occur infrequently. It is important to reduce the risk of injury to employees and damage to the building, and these kits are designed to clean up chemicals appropriately. It wouldn’t do for you to use an incorrect style or type, so it’s important to understand what these kits are and what they do.

Liquids They Absorb

A chemical spill kit contains absorbents that are specifically treated to absorb caustic, acidic and other liquids. Likewise, they can be used in a situation where the nature and identity of the spill aren’t known. You may want to assume the worst when dealing with these situations and use these kits, even if the liquid isn’t hazardous.

Contents Within

When you purchase a chemical spill kit, you will find that it contains everything you need to clean up and contain the spill. You’ll find a variety of absorbents, as well as chemical socks that can be used to prevent the spill from spreading and help absorb the liquid. Pillows or mat pads can also be found within and can also soak up the contained spillage.

However, it is essential that you check your kits periodically to ensure that there are enough disposal bags, absorbents and socks ready to go if a spill happens.


Personal protective equipment will need to be worn by those who respond to the spill. These can include protective suits and gloves, as well as safety glasses/goggles and others. These items may not come with the chemical spill kit you purchase, so you will need to buy them separately. For more information, contact Ecospill today!

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