Why Might You Need Sedation Dentistry in St George UT?

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Business

Many people deal with extreme dental anxiety. They do not feel comfortable getting their teeth cleaned, much less going through a procedure. This is why many people end up avoiding dental care. If you are suffering from dental anxiety, there is help available. Through Sedation Dentistry in St George UT, you can receive the help you need to be able to get through a dental office visit without so much stress and anxiety.

The level of intervention you receive in the dentist’s office will be determined by the procedure you are having done and your level of anxiety. Your dentist will first meet with you to go over your needs. This will help to determine what type of anesthetic you will be given. There are a few different options for those that have anxiety.

1. Minimal sedation is used for minor procedures or for people who do not experience major anxiety. This sedation method allows you to stay fully awake, while feeling completely relaxed. This is typically done through anxiety medication. It instantly calms you and makes you feel less anxious.

2. Moderate sedation is a little stronger than minimal. While you are awake during the procedure, you will most likely be extremely drowsy. You may be unable to speak correctly and may have difficulty remembering what happened during your procedure.

3. Deep sedation is the strongest form of sedation without being knocked out. You are between a conscious and unconscious state, but can be awakened. This is normally a perfect option for those who have severe anxiety or when a big procedure needs to be carried out.

4. General anesthesia is given to put you completely to sleep. You will not be aware of anything going on during your procedure and will feel no pain.

If you have severe dental anxiety, there is no reason to avoid dental care any longer. Through Sedation Dentistry in St George UT, your anxiety will not only be treated, but fully understood. Contact Hatch & Jeppson Dental and schedule an appointment for a consultation so they can give you information on what you can expect and how they can help you.

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