Why High Performance End Mills Are Important for Your Work

by | May 18, 2016 | Business

End mills are essential components of many industrial processes. While they might look very similar to drill bits, one major factor that differentiates them is that most of the time, they can cut in any direction, as opposed to drill bits, which are restricted to cutting only in the axial direction.

For this reason, end mills are vastly more versatile, and as can be expected, they have been incorporated into several processes. However, in order to ensure that the work they are being used for turns out well at the end of the day, it is crucial to use only high performance end mills.

Types of End Mills

There are many types of end mills, spanning several broad categories and intended for several different specializations and uses. One such category is the center-cutting end mills, as opposed to non-center-cutting ones, with the basic difference being that center-cutting end mills are capable of making plunging cuts. End mills are also categorized by how many flutes they have, their helix angles, by material, and by the material with which they are coated. Most of those categories are very broad, and can be further divided.

How to Choose the Best End Mills

One of the most important things that should be at the back of the mind of anyone intending to purchase high performance end mills is the specification of the end mills. As noted earlier, end mills vary greatly, so it is essential to be fully aware of exactly what you need and what would be best for the particular effect you are trying to achieve.

Also, one must keep in mind that even though end mills might be labeled with exactly the same specifications, the process of manufacture is very important. As such, it is best to purchase end mills from manufacturers with a reputation for top-notch products.

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