When to Call for AC Repair in Sparks

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Plumbing

There is no way to describe the disappointment of coming home on a hot summer day to discover your house is even warmer and stickier than the air outside. Good AC maintenance can help to avoid a lot of these moments, but nothing is guaranteed. In fact, at some point nearly everyone will have some type of problem with their AC units. Here are some common issues and what the most likely causes could be.

AC Stopped Running

Before you call for a technician to come over, check out the obvious issues first. Lower the thermostat as it could be set higher than you thought. Make certain everything is plugged in and you have not blown a circuit. If these are not the problem, call for AC repair. It could unfortunately be the compressor or the motor itself, issues you are probably not going to be able to repair on your own.

Blowing Only Warm Air

Begin by checking the condenser or the filters to see if they need to be cleaned. You will also need to look at the thermostat to make certain the temperature is not set at a higher temp than you prefer. If these easy fixes do not do the trick, a service call will be needed. You may need to have the refrigerant refilled or your compressor replaced. A professional AC repair in Sparks area can assess the situation and get your air cooled again as soon as possible.

Not Cooling Enough

The AC may be cycling as it should and the house could still be uncomfortable. There could be several reasons for this. If you have enlarged the home recently but not upgraded your machine it may be incapable of cooling that much space. The addition of new electronics or appliances will add more heat to the air and make it harder to cool. If you wait until the house is very warm before turning the unit on and the outside air is abnormally hot, it could just be a matter of waiting for the AC to catch up.

AC Repair in Sparks can help to diagnose if you need to upgrade or repair your cooling system or if it is just doing as well as it can in the climate. Always call a professional before you attempt any work you are not prepared for on your own.
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