Stay Cool All Year With Air Conditioning Repair in Houston, TX

When you live in Houston, you get used to the unusually warm weather. It doesn’t matter what season it is, even the middle of winter can have balmy days. This situation is worsened by the highly insulated homes and buildings that people live and work in. These environments can restrict the influx of fresh air in your buildings and make air conditioning a necessity. Unfortunately, prolonged use of an AC can result in failure and the need for air conditioning repair in Houston, TX.

The most common method of treating air is an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This multifunction appliance comes in two cabinets. The external unit houses the condenser system, a coil and fan. The internal cabinet houses the blower, evaporator coil and furnace, plus it connects to the ventilation system. The vents are a series of air ducts that run to every room that needs treated air. The HVAC works by compressing a refrigerant in the condenser which pushes the coolant through the pipes into the evaporator coil. The compression causes a state change in the refrigerant so it can accumulate more heat.

An AC is a heat exchange. That is, it collects heat from one space and moves it to another. In the case of the HVAC, the heat is collected from inside the building and dumped outside. This is done when the refrigerant is run through the evaporator coil. Heat is transferred through the metal of the coil, which chills that metal, and transferred to the coil in the unit outdoors. The external fan helps the refrigerant release the heat before it is compressed again.

As you can see, there is a lot of pressure in an AC and one of the common points of failure is the condenser system. To reduce the problem, the refrigerant includes a lubricant that the condenser requires. This is one of the reasons that regular maintenance is so important. Low refrigerant could result in the condenser running too hot and reducing its efficiency. Be sure to consult the experts at AspenAire Heating and Cooling Inc. if your HVAC is failing and you need air conditioning repair in Houston, TX.

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