What to Look For in River Float Tubes

There’s nothing better than spending a lazy day floating down the river. Making sure the experience is fun, however, calls for having the right river float tubes. Not everyone has the same preference in these tubes, which makes careful consideration vital when making purchases.

Factors to Consider

River float tubes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. There are even some designed strictly for solo use and those that can accommodate a number of passengers. The key to making a strong purchase is knowing what is likely to get the most use and what preferences family members and friends might have when enjoying a day on the river or in a lake. Here are some things to consider:

*   The number of people a tube should accommodate – If the desire is to float down a river as a family, a larger and often more costly craft is the best choice. Should family members want to go solo or ride two to three at a time, there are options here, too. For those who do want a large capacity, there are floats that can actually fit up to 12 people comfortably.

*   Exposure level – Some people prefer to stay as dry as possible while spending a day on the water. Others, however, are just fine swimming along with their floats, getting wet in the process. Consider this before making a final purchase.

*   Amount of support provided – Some floats offer a great deal of support, serving almost like boats whereas others simply enable people to catch their breath while swimming along.

How to Find the Best

River float tubes, as established, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. To find the best possible match, be sure to consider the above factors and then seek out floats that are well designed and constructed. The best tend to use relatively heavy duty materials so punctures and loss of air are highly unlikely. These may cost a bit more, but they add safety and peace of mind to a day on the water. Be sure also to look for floats that are very easy for others on the water to spot. Bright colors are almost always a must to ensure safety.

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