What To Consider When Looking For A Rehab Center

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Healthcare

If you plan to enter a rehab center, Woodland Hills professionals can offer you some sound advice. With so many different options out there, it pays to look at all the facets. While it may seem like a good idea to opt for any rehab center in Woodland Hills or elsewhere that has an opening, it really is not. I tis important that you take your time and study the facilities to see if they will be a good fit to your personal situation. Remember, like so many other things in life, they are not all equal to the task of helping you achieve your goal of freedom of substance abuse.

What to Look for in a Rehab Center

Before you enter any rehab center, in Woodland Hills or elsewhere, be sure you look at what it offers. You need to check out various aspects in order to ensure the treatment facility is able to provide you with what you want. Look at the following and evaluate not one but several rehab centers to see if they can provide the services and/or conform to the type of treatment you, your family and your medical professionals fell you require.

* Accreditation and Licensing: Does the program and the facility have the appropriate state accreditation and licensing? Are the facilities and the program managed and run by highly trained and licensed professionals? Does the facility have any special accreditation or recognition by respected agencies in the field?

* Effectiveness and Success Rate: A rehab center should have records indicating the rate of success their treatment programs have had. You should be able to access these statistics and compare them to other available programs.

* Aftercare services: Does the rehab center offer an aftercare program? If so, where does it take place and for how long can you attend? If not, do they provide you with references to another comparable facility? The same applies to introductions to a support group to help you continue your recovery process.

Once you have determined which facilities fulfill your basic criteria, it is important to look next at the two basic types of treatments placing them within the context of the selected rehab centers.

Outpatient or Residential Treatment?

Depending upon your personal situation, you may want or need either outpatient treatment or residential rehab center. The former allows you to continue to live at home while undergoing treatment; the latter requires you live in a rehab center for a specified length of time. Both can offer the same treatment modalities. Both have their advantages; both are best suited to specific types of individuals.

It is important you make a decision based on the reality of your situation. If you require individually tailored treatment that can be adjusted to your needs of the time, want a gender specific program or are part of a special needs group e.g. teens, dual diagnosis patients, the best option may be a residential rehab center. In Woodlawn Hills, experts have found this to be a most effective program, particularly if the length of stay is taken into consideration.

While outpatient facilities offer many of the same treatments and programs, it is not for everyone. It is often considered best as a function of a recovery program. It is not suited for those who have failed in a previous program. It is also not suitable for those with concurrent issues.

Decision Time

If you require the services of a rehab center in Woodlawn Hills, be sure you do your research prior to entering a program. If, after all your research you are not able to make a decision, talk to a knowledgeable professional. He or she may be able to provide you and/or your family with some direction. Keep in mind throughout that a quality treatment program, and the center that delivers it, is not interested in addressing solely your substance abuse. It will take into account and help you deal with the various other problems that help create and arise out of your own type of substance abuse.

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