Top 3 Reasons To Use Aluminum Dip Braze For Your Next Project

Using aluminum brazing processes for complicated or complex parts or even simple parts and applications is an important consideration for several different reasons. First, and perhaps most important to customers is the fact that this is a cost saving option over manual or machine controlled torch brazing. It is faster, requires much less time, and ends up saving you money.

However, there are also other reasons to use aluminum dip hi-temp brazing processes on your next project. Taking a closer look at the advantages of this process will help you decide if this is something you should consider and the benefits the process provides.

No Oxygen = No Oxidation

The entire brazing process is done in specially developed bath of different salts and flux material. This coats the entire piece and, since all the aluminum is covered, there is no chance of exposure to oxygen during the heating of the filler material. The filler material itself is 88% aluminum and 12% silicon so it flows easily and, with the presence of flux, it simply cannot oxidize.

Uniform Filler in all Joints

The carefully placed filler metal alloy flows into the joints when placed in the bath or dip to create a uniform layer that bonds the metals together. As it is a liquid it is able to literally surround the entire piece and get into the smallest of areas and the most internal parts of the component so that all joints are completely leak-proof.

Remove the Human Error Factor

Since the entire process is done uniformly and with complete precision each and every time the aluminum dip braze processes literally eliminates the risk of human error. Even the most professionally completed manually torch brazed component will have some slight variations, but the same is not true for those completed by aluminum dip braze.

Working with a company that has experience in top quality production of dip brazing aluminum is one simple way to ensure that your parts are produced to your specifications time after time.

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