Things to Consider When Looking for Tri Bikes for Sale

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Advertising

If you’re new to triathlon and you’re in the market for a new bike, you will find hundreds of tri bikes for sale just in your local area. However, to find the best triathlon bike for your needs you have to consider several things.


Typically, modern bikes have a minimum of 18 gears but you will also find many with around 20 to 30 gears. If you’ll be riding mostly on flat terrain, the number of gears will not be much of a concern to you. Highly-trained and very experienced riders also do not need too many gears, which are typically the lower ones that they most likely have no use for. Having more gears are helpful for those who are especially unfit and if you plan to do plenty of hilly rides.


When you look at tri bikes for sale, two options you have for the frame are carbon fiber and aluminum. Carbon fiber frames are typically more lightweight but they are expensive. Don’t waste money on cheaper carbon frames because they’re not any better than aluminum and could even weigh more but cost about the same as aluminum frames. The best way to decide between the two is choose which one looks better according to your personal taste and which offers a better fit.


The most important thing to remember when buying a saddle is to try it first before buying. Saddles come in various sizes, shapes and features with some having holes or gel. The shape of the saddle must fit you to ensure your comfort while riding. Some think wider saddles are automatically more comfortable but this is not the case. The only sure way to find out if a saddle is comfortable for you is to try it.


As you shop for tri bikes for sale, you’ll feel the excitement of making a purchase grow. Well, if there’s one component you want to really spend on, it’s definitely the wheels. They play the biggest part on your riding performance so you don’t want to scrimp here. Generally, aluminium wheels are recommended if you plan to buy only one set of wheels because they provide great riding comfort for a lower price point than carbon wheels. They can also be used for all types of weather and road conditions. The more expensive carbon wheels look much cooler and offer far better aerodynamics, although they are prone to very sharp impact.


Good quality tires are also worth spending on. Not only will they last longer but they are also more resistant to punctures and weigh lighter than low-quality tires, which would help your performance. If buying only one set of tires, go for the middleweight options so you get the best overall performance.

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