The Many Uses of Wood Chips in St. Paul, MN

An excess of wood chips in St Paul MN, may appear to be a bad thing at first, as these items need to be disposed of. They don’t have to be a burden, however, as there are numerous things that can be done with these common items. Following are a few suggestions for how to make use of wood chips in and around a landscape.

Make use of the wood chips for landscape or garden mulch. Spread them in flower beds, around the base of a tree, or in any part of the yard when moisture is needed. The wood chips help the soil retain moisture while also preventing erosion. Furthermore, the use of these items helps to keep weeds at bay.

Excess water often leads to muddy spots in a landscape. If there are certain areas of the yard where water remains an issue, consider covering these areas with the wood chips. This helps to keep mud in the home to a minimum and also protects the shoes of those who walk in these areas.

Depending on the type of wood, the chips may be used to smoke meat. Woods ideal for this purpose include oak, hickory, maple and mesquite. Remove the bark from the wood, run it through the chipper, and let the chips dry in the sun. Add them to the smoker or BBQ grill and delicious meat is on hand.

Wood chips enrich the soil, thus they should be used in areas where plants will be grown. Nature normally handles this process, yet many homeowners remove trees from their property. To make up for the lack of trees near a flower or vegetable garden, place wood chips in an area and watch how the enriched soil boosts the health and quality of the plants.

Excess wood chips may be used as livestock bedding. Any type of animal will enjoy making use of the chips, as they provide a comfortable area to sleep. The chips need to be changed when they get dirty, but otherwise nothing has to be done to provide this bedding for livestock.

There are numerous other uses for Wood Chips in St. Paul MN. Look around the home or yard and you sure to come up with many more. Wood chips are of great benefit, so never throw any away. They are actually worth their weight in gold!

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