Choosing an Animal House in Folsom, CA for Your Chickens

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Convenience Stores

An animal house in Folsom CA, is essential to protect a family pet or livestock. Predators are lurking around every corner and may come in the two or four-legged variety. An animal house makes their task of getting to a pet or livestock more difficult, and this is one purchase that should never be put off. Finding the right home can be a difficult task, however, especially when a person is dealing with chickens. What should a chicken owner be looking for when buying a home for his or her flock?

The first step is to choose the type of chicken coop desired. Some opt for a standard rectangular or square structure, yet others prefer one with an A-shape frame. These coops tend to be more mobile than their counterparts and lighter. Moving the animals to new locations on the property becomes easier when this type is selected. Chicken tractors are a third option, and these homes are also mobile. They differ from their A-frame siblings in that they don’t contain a floor. The chickens may then be used to fertilize different parts of the yard.

Next, a chicken owner needs to consider the level of protection desired. The chickens need to be protected from predators and from the elements, but the coop should be well ventilated. Look for a coop that contains windows, vents, and a minimum of one door. In addition, the coop needs to be inspected to ensure there are no small holes where predators may enter. Many animals need a space no bigger than the size of their nose to get into the coop, so keep this in mind when choosing.

Finally, the amount of space in the Animal House in Folsom CA needs to be taken into consideration. The flock must have room to move around, as overcrowding can lead to respiratory illnesses. When one animal gets sick, the entire flock can easily come down with the disease, and this may be deadly. Each chicken needs a minimum of four square feet to be comfortable, and owners need to remember this. Never rely on the estimate of the manufacturer. As the chicken owner, ensuring the flock is happy is your duty, so choose a coop that adequately protects the flock for the best results.

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