The Dry, Lubricating Power of Moly Coating

Lubricants are typically liquids that reduce friction between two surfaces. Moly (molybdenum disulfide) is a lubricant that has the same effect, yet it is dry. It works at a temperature that is higher than the temperature at which liquid lubricants function. Lubricants of all kinds improve the performance and life of the equipment. They help all working components of a machine to function smoothly and efficiently.

Moly dry lubricant coating is frequently used in industrial applications. It is added to fluoropolymer coatings to improve strength and reduce friction. It is an ideal coating for a wide range of products, from the tiniest mechanism in a watch to the most elaborate workings of larger equipment, automobiles, and even aircraft carriers.

moly coatings are Used on a Variety of Items:

* machine parts and fittings
* sliding surfaces
* threaded connections
* locks
* springs
* leather, plastic, and elastomeric gaskets
* cords, cable, and chains
* bearings, gears, nuts, and bolts
* valves
* automotive gaskets
* bearings
* conveyors
* engines

Due to its many lubricating benefits, moly coating is used across many industrial applications. It is effective under heavy loads, in harsh environments and holds up in extreme temperatures. The oil, gas, energy, mining and water management industries rely on dry lubricants to solve lubrication issues. Moly coatings save energy because they prevent friction and constant wear.

Lubricants Provide Better Performance
When parts are coated with a dry lubricant, it improves their performance and extends their life. Also to metal, plastic and rubber are also coated with moly coating to protect them and improve their performance. Also to keeping things moving properly, moly has several other advantages:

* It adheres to all surfaces
* Extends the life of a part or product
* It is durable
* It can withstand harsh operating conditions
* It is high load resistant
* Temperature resistant
* Repels dust, dirt and other contaminants
* Protects against surface corrosion
* Can withstand extreme pressure
* Minimizes friction and prevents parts from seizing

From Guns to Car Engines
In the gun industry, moly coatings are often used on bullets to extend barrel life. Moly coated bullets are said to travel further along the barrel, which results in lower wear and greater accuracy when firing. Dry lubricant coatings are also used by leading car manufacturers to improve part performance, reduce noise, resist corrosion and minimize engine friction and wear. If you are looking for a dry lubricant that works in harsh conditions, consider moly coating as a possible solution.

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