The Best Taxi Service in St. Augustine

by | Apr 28, 2016 | transportation

St. Augustine is a fantastic city to explore due to its rich history, breathtaking views and one-of-a-kind landmarks. While there are plenty of amazing locales to enjoy in St. Augustine, if you don’t have a reliable form of transportation, it’s going to be difficult to see everything that the nation’s oldest city has to offer. Fortunately, Sax Taxi has stepped in to fill the gap in the St. Augustine taxi service industry by offering safe, clean and dependable transportation for both residents and tourists in the greater St. Augustine area.

Sax Taxi: Top-Notch Service with A-Peal

Founded in April of 2015, Sax Taxi’s mission is to provide the residents of St. Augustine and surrounding cities with an unforgettable transportation experience, whether you’re visiting a famous tourist attraction, attending a wedding or traveling to an important corporate event. Not only will you enjoy a safe ride in a clean, smoke-free car, but you’ll also be treated to prompt, courteous service by a knowledgeable, professionally trained driver. Sax Taxi’s distinctive bright orange cabs make it easy to recognize when your ride has arrived, which is a far cry from other somewhat sketchy cab services that sometimes display no logo at all (ahem, Uber).

Schedule Your Ride Online!

Sax Taxi has recently taken further steps to expand its ability to meet customers’ needs by offering online scheduling that enables you to conveniently schedule your pick-up at the touch of a button. You can add your credit card into the system or pay cash, and you can also track taxis that are in your vicinity via GPS. Simply visit the “Schedule Pick-Up” page on Sax Taxi’s website and a Taxi Cab will be on their way to take you wherever you need to go.

Download the 4MyCab App and schedule your Sax Taxi pick-up on your phone!

Book, Track, and Pay for a cab right from your iPhone

Book A Trip
Find Sax Taxi Cabs near you
Get an estimate for your trip
Instantly book from your iPhone
Reserve future trips
Save previously booked trip locations
Track your Sax Taxi Cab in real time

Pay for a Trip
Cash to the driver
Use your credit card in cab
Register your credit card in our app
Your card will be charged at end of the trip, and you will receive an email receipt.

Taxis, Shuttles and Vans-Oh, My!

Although, Sax Taxi is widely known for their unparalleled cab service, the rides don’t stop there–you can also book shuttles, vans and private black car services for whatever event, meeting or occasion you need to attend. Their vans can accommodate up to 15 passengers, and their shuttles can carry groups of up to 25 in one vehicle. So whether you’re looking to take a group of people to tour the Fountain of Youth or you need a generously-sized vehicle for your wedding party, Sax Taxi can provide the perfect match for your transportation needs. Sax Taxi’s black car service is a popular choice as well, offering the utmost professional service for very reasonable hourly rates.

If you haven’t yet experienced Sax Taxi’s exceptional service, what are you waiting for? Call the easy to remember Taxi Number 904-800-6000 and a Taxi near you will be along the way in no time flat!

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