The Best Online Stock Brokers

Ever since Geojit BNP Paribas, pioneered internet trading in India in the year 2000, the segment has seen an explosive growth. Now its not just new generation investors who are trading online, but also many older generation investors are shifting to this channel. Now no major broker can ignore this segment and instead, they are all vying to offer their clients ever more better versions of their internet trading platforms. So what makes for a good online stock broker.

1 Security: clients are naturally apprehensive about dealing with vast sums of money electronically and brokers have to go the extra mile in ensuring that they feel safe transacting in this channel. They must ensure that a broker meets the highest standards of cyber security before choosing it. At Geojit BNP Paribas for example, Every client is provided with a User Name and Password with 128 bit encryption along with a virtual keyboard to provide the highest level of security.

2 Multiple Bank Payment Gateways: you must ensure that the broker offers a facility for pay in and pay out through multiple bank gateways. It may turn out that funds are parked in different banks and you may need the facility for reasons of flexibility.

3 Value added services : Some brokers offer value added services along with their internet trading platforms like marketwatch, stock tips and research resports live.

4 Multiple functionalities: Besides share trading, the internet platform must be able to offer you a the ability to access MF’s, subscribe IPO’s, commodities and derivatives trading etc.

Flip (Financial Investment Platform) of Geojit BNP Paribas is an award winning internet trading platform which offers users a user friendly, safe and reliable medium through which they can manage their investments online.

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