The Advantages Of Sydney Boat Syndicates

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Business

There is no doubt about it – yachts are expensive. They are a sign of wealth and status, and while fun, they are not cheap to operate or maintain. Vessel ownership does come with a broad range of responsibilities, but if you’re smart, you’ll choose boat syndicates in Sydney, which offer the same benefits of ownership without the hassle or financial burden.

Rarely Used

While convenient, many owners don’t use their yacht often enough to justify the cost. You may only be able to take it out on short excursions on the weekend, once every few months. However, the money keeps flowing, because you have to store it, maintain it, and keep it seaworthy.

Most people don’t know that boats require regular use to keep them in peak condition, but it’s tough to do that when you work long hours or only get vacations once a year. It may surprise you to learn that the hull has to be on moving water to keep it clean, or that the engine must be used to keep it lubricated and reliable.

Why A Syndicate?

With a Sydney boat syndicate, you and a few other people own one boat, so you share it with others. That means you also share the costs associated with ownership and have someone else maintain and repair it. You get the carefree lifestyle you’ve dreamt about, and the vessel is kept in top shape.

While each syndicate at Luxury Boat Sydnicates is different, most allow eight shares per boat, and include a cleaning and detail manager. These unique vessels are unique, noticeable, and ready for use.

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