Essential Drain Cleaning Equipment

When you are about to embark on a drain clog, you need to be equipped with an array of drain cleaning equipment along with some must-have accessories. Preparation is half the battle, and you need to go in ready to take on whatever the job may throw at you.

But which of the wide range of drain cleaning equipment available in the market should you consider essential? You need to think about factors like price, functionality, user-friendliness, and learning curve, to name a few. Only if you understand what kind of issues you can face in your job, can you select which equipment is essential for you.

Drain Inspection Equipment

Inspection is not always needed, but you never know when you might face something complicated that requires you to take a look inside the drain before proceeding. Investing in a drain inspection system like a digital camera reel and monitor can be quite beneficial.

Water Jetters

Water jetters have to be one of your go-to tools when cleaning a drain line. It is a hose with a nozzle that blasts water at high pressure that clear the line of blockages like hair, grease, slime or paper. The nozzle is designed in a way that it aids in cutting through blockages as well. Often called hydro jetters or power jetters, this multifunctional drain cleaning equipment is as useful for clearing a home drainage line as it is for clearing sewer mainlines.

Plumbing Snakes

Plumbing snakes are one of the most basic types of drain cleaning equipment used by professionals. These are slender metal augers that are manually or electronically pushed into a drain and used to cut through blockages. Their use is mostly confined to small, residential jobs.

Drain Root Cutters

Drain root cutters are specialized blade attachments that go with mechanical cable machines. As their name suggests, they are primarily used to cut away tough roots that might have crept into a sewage line and are blocking it. They are lowered in the drain via the cable, where they slice away at anything they come across. Drain root cutters are essential if you are working in an area that is known to have a large number of trees.

Mechanical Cable Drain Cleaning Equipment

Mechanical cable machines are perhaps the most popular and essential drain cleaning equipment you will ever use. These machines have a motor, and a drum containing one continuous cable. The cable is fed into a drain line by the technician and the motor rotates the cable where it clears away the blockage. There are many types of cables available, which can also be augmented with blade attachments to add extra bite to the cable.

Duracable provides top-of-the-line cable machines for every kind of job and every kind of cleaner. You have the larger machines for main sewer lines, or you can go for the smaller drain machines while doing residential work. Either way, you can expect Duracable to provide you the machine you’ve always been looking for.

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