Steel Scrap Prices – The Proverbial Gold Mine You Might Be Sitting On

Okay, you’re probably not sitting on an actual gold mine, but you could possess some pretty valuable goods that you didn’t even know you had. You could be in possession of hundreds of dollars’ worth of materials. That worthwhile material could be your trash; specifically, it could be your metal trash. Most people throw away more metal each day than they actually realize. Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, and disposable pie tins are obvious sources of disposable metal. They’re not terribly heavy, though, and therefore, they don’t yield very much money. Your big ticket items are your heavier items.

Your Appliances Could Be Investments

If you’re moving to a furnished apartment, or if you’re just getting rid of your washer and dryer, you could be looking at a substantial amount of money. If you have a full-sized washer and dryer, those things can be incredibly heavy. If you’ve ever tried to move with them, then you know this firsthand. They are typically made of sheets of steel, with a steel drum inside, and a motor comprised largely of steel. That can come out to hundreds of pounds’ worth of steel. Steel scrap prices fluctuate just like any other investment, but if you watch the market, you stand to make a good amount of money. Even if prices are low when you’re moving, and you have to accept a lower amount of money selling them as scrap, you’ll still be making a lot more money on those throwaways than you would if you left them next to a dumpster.

Before You Let the Insurance Company Take Your Car

Depending on your circumstances, if you get in a wreck that totals your car, you might have to turn it over to the insurance company. If you only have liability insurance, though, the company won’t be paying you any money. In that situation, you shouldn’t have to turn over your totaled vehicle. Before you hand it over to the insurance company, check the steel scrap prices. Many scrappers even do pick-ups, and you might be able to get them to come to the location where your car is parked. They’ll hand you money based on the weight of the various metals in your vehicle, or they’ll offer you a flat fee for your vehicle. If you turn your car over to the insurance company, they’re probably going to scrap it anyway. Do you like your car insurance company so much that you think they should make even more money off your car accident? If not, you should think about scrapping.

One Step at a Time

Even if you don’t have big ticket items, you might be throwing away small amounts of steel. Depending on steel scrap prices, even small amounts of steel can add up over time into large amounts of money. This is especially true if you’re doing any kind of home repairs or remodeling. Metal siding, metal bolts, screws, nails, nuts, and metal fixtures all add up quickly. You could end up with several dozen pounds of valuable metal just from a couple days of remodeling. For more information visit H&C Metals Inc.

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